Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Coming Soon


Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience for the PlayStation VR and it will be released for free sometime this year.

Square Enix Ltd. and Disney unveiled the Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience at the PlayStation LineUp Tour in Japan. The immersive video will also feature music from the games, and allow you to unlock more content as you keep playing.

This is because Square Enix is to release a free Kingdom Hearts VR Experience for fans to enjoy while they wait for the new game to come out!

Kingdom Hearts III will launch on January 29th.

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There is now no release date for Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience at this time.

Just when you think the Kingdom Hearts team have shown what's up their sleeve, they pull a coin from out behind your ear. The trailer showed Sora, Donald and Goofy joining forces with Baymax and getting a hold of a Big Hero 6 keyblade called Nano Arms. The trailer (especially Baymax, of course) is adorable, and paired with Utada Hikaru's attractive song "Chikai" playing in the background, Kingdom Hearts fans are sure to get excited all over again. With the announcement of the Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, that's exactly what you'll be able to do.

Update: According to the game director Tetsuya Nomura, an extended version of the trailer will release on September 18th.

The Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience will be launching sometime this holiday season exclusively on the PlayStation Store for PSVR. You can see the trailer below. Or, in this case, the promise of a VR experience.