Isaac continues to advance, some watches and warnings issued


With September fulfilling the promises of peak hurricane season, residents are reminded to take the appropriate precautions for hurricane season - such as having emergency kits ready and knowing your hurricane plan - even if the storms are not now projected to hit Northwest Florida.

The tropical Atlantic and tropical Pacific will be very busy this week, with preparations underway as Hurricane Florence threatens the Carolinas later this week, while Tropical Storm Issac threatens the Leeward Islands of the eastern Caribbean later this week.

The Ministry said the Emergency Broadcast station on 100.1fm is in operation, and official information will continue to be released by the Bermuda Weather Service, the Emergency Measures Organisation, the Ministry of National Security and the Department of Communications.

Isaac: As of the 5:00am advisory, Hurricane Isaac has maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour.

Isaac could become a hurricane on later today or by Monday morning.

The center of Florence was forecast to sweep between Bermuda and the Bahamas on Tuesday and Wednesday before making its assault on the US coast.

Unfortunately, North Carolina is just days away from seeing another Hugo-like landfall with the troubling threat of days of Hurricane Harvey-like flooding long after the system make landfall in the Carolinas.

"We are in the bull's-eye", North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said at a news conference.

Sustained winds were 130 miles per hour (215 kph) Tuesday morning, but it remains a Category 4 storm and is expected to approach the most-damaging Category 5 status as it slows and strengthens over very warm ocean water near North and SC.

Isaac continues to advance, some watches and warnings issued
Isaac continues to advance, some watches and warnings issued

At present, the National Hurricane Center still has not issued any coastal watches or warnings (those could come as early as Tuesday morning), but North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia have all already declared states of emergency, letting state agencies coordinate resources to prepare for a possible impact.

Isaac is a strong tropical storm with 60kt sustained winds, now about 675 miles east of the Lesser Antilles.

"Florence is a Category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale". Behind Isaac, Hurricane Helene is gaining strength, with wind speeds of over 105 miles per hour as of Monday afternoon.

Two other hurricanes - Isaac and Helene - have also formed in the Atlantic Ocean.

U.S. east coast is bracing for Hurricane Florence.

The hurricane's impacts could range from a strong storm surge to flooding from torrential rainfall and hurricane-force winds.

Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 15 miles.

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, near the shore, canceled its upcoming alumni weekend and all classes starting at noon Monday, encouraging its students to leave campus for a safer location.

"The chances of it going out to sea are extremely slim at this point", she said.

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