IPhone 2018 naming and pricing leaks - even the cheap one is expensive


According to the image, the iPhone X Plus will retail for 8388 yuan ($1724 AUD), the XS for 7388 yuan ($1,518 AUD) and the XC for 5888 yuan ($1210 AUD). It should be noted that these are the beginning price points for each model, offered up with a base 64 GB of internal storage.

According to recent reports, Apple's iPhone X successor is expected to be called the iPhone XS, while another model, now being referred to as the iPhone XS Max, will take the presumed iPhone 9 Plus slot thanks to its larger 6.5-inch display (and, we assume, zero sugar content).

Apple is also believed to be replacing the OLED screen of the iPhone X with a 6.1-inch LCD one to keep the costs down further.

Three days from now, the world - especially Apple die-hards - will be treated to the next batch of iPhones.

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On the iPhone Xs Plus, TrendForce had noted that the 6.5-inch iPhone could be targeted for business consumers, which could be another reason why Apple might just add a stylus support.

Apple has not launched a cheaper version of its iPhone since 2013's iPhone 5C, which took the guts of the previous generation iPhone 5 and placed them in a coloured plastic body. On the iPhone side, industry analysts are speculating that the big three names on offer will be the iPhone XS - the standard sized flagship of the brand - in addition to the large format iPhone XS Max and, as rumor has it, the economical iPhone XC.

And the iPhone XC price is...

... Geskin also confirms the phone's size - 6.1 inches - and its LCD display. If reports saying that the 512GB 6.5-inch iPhone will be priced at $1,299, then that means you have to be prepared to shell out at least Dh5,580. According to 9To5Mac these prices also include 17% Chinese sales tax. The recent leaks suggested the third and cheaper iPhone to be named as iPhone 9. While several leaks have locked down to the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xc monikers, there are some who are coming up with new information related to the iPhones. Apple does not comment on speculation or rumours. Lastly, there will be an affordable version of the iPhone launching this year.