Dallas Officer Amber Guyger Arrested For Fatally Shooting Botham Jean


"How can you make a mistake like that, getting into someone else's apartment?" said 80-year-old Raquel, a resident who declined to give her last name. Guyger has been placed on paid administrative leave. She told police she mistakenly thought Jean's apartment was her own and fatally shot him.

Morning News reporter Naomi Martin, who was first to break the officer's name, reported through a source that Jean and Guyger had never met before. He died shortly after.

Dallas police chief U Renee Hall said on Saturday a warrant for manslaughter, which she said on Friday would be forthcoming, had not yet been issued because the Texas Rangers had asked her department to wait.

"When the Rangers arrived, the investigation was turned over to them and they made the decision to postpone pursuing a warrant, until they could follow up on information that they received from the interview with the officer", Dallas police explained, without elaborating.

CNN also reported that the Thursday night incident was not the only shooting in which Guyger has been involved while on the force.

Many questions remain about what led Ms Guyger to shoot Mr Jean. But officials caution the public about reaching certain conclusions when much is still unknown.

"Is this a white on black crime?" Royce West, D-Dallas, held a news conference Saturday afternoon in which they urged the community for patience as the investigation proceeds, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. "Don't know", he added. She was wearing a police uniform and had recently completed a long shift but was off-duty when the shooting occurred, authorities say. However, as we continued this investigation it became clear that we were dealing with what appears to be.a very unique situation.

A blood sample was drawn from the officer to test for alcohol and drugs.

When he moved to Dallas after graduating from Harding University in Arkansas, other churches invited him to their services, in part because of his handsome voice, friends said. He was a dedicated Christian, often leading chapel while he was in college. She knew him well. " Known for his unbelievable voice, they honored him with the stirring gospel songs that he sang so well".

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One of Jean's uncles, Earl Jean, took to Facebook to remember his nephew. "This family is upset", Merritt said, standing beside Allison Jean as they faced a half-dozen television cameras at the back of the church auditorium. "Lord, keep me sane".

The photo shows Jean, a risk assurance associate at the company, with a group of friends.

"He was a handsome kid", she said.

Members of Jean's family questioned Guyger's explanation for the shooting.

Allison Jean flew to Dallas from the family's native St. Lucia after the shooting.

She wanted her son to be an engineer.

People who live nearby said they got a notification about the shooting on the app Nextdoor. She wondered whether race had driven her to pull the trigger, according to NBC News. "The state needs to pay for my son".

"One of the things you said that will be my North Star from now and in the near term.is that we need to be like Bo". He said he also reached out to the Saint Lucia prime minister to apologize for Jean's death.