Call of Duty: Black Ops IV Blackout Trailer


For not only does Black Ops 4 not have a story campaign but it features a new Battle Royale mode called Blackout.

But now Activision has gone the extra mile, introducing an official trailer for the mode right before the beta goes live.

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The trailer runs just over two minutes long. Within the trailer, players can see several map areas, including the Hydro dam, the Nuketown island, the Cargo docks, and many others. Today, Activision and Treyarch officially released the first full trailer for the game's Battle Royale mode and it's absolutely bananas, to say the least. The private multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 had such a reward, and it would come as no surprise if Treyarch shared something similar with Blackout beta players. Therefore, after testing and deliberation, things are subject to change. The beta will then open up for Xbox One players and PC beta early access members on September 14th, with all of the beta tests set to end on September 17th at 10 AM PT. All users, regardless of platform, will need to have preordered a copy of the game to join in on the fun. Drop into the action in a wing suit, and take command of land, sea and air vehicles in this last-player-standing experience celebrating the Black Ops series in an unprecedented way, all on the biggest map in Call of Duty franchise history.

As part of a huge Game Informer Q&A, Black Ops 4 design director, David Vonderhaar, explained that while the studio's target remains at 60 frames per second with Blackout, it will be harder to hit that number compared to other game modes.