Nokia 9 Leaked Render Shows Penta-Lens Camera, Notch Display


Now, a leaked image has popped up that show an unnamed Nokia handset that boasts of not three, not four but five rear cameras, taking innovation to a whole new level. It looks like we will get to see the penta-lens camera phone sooner than expected. HMD also owns the PureView brand, which once adorned high-end Nokia phones.

The cameras were made by the German lens manufacturer Zeiss.

The camera array appears to be odd-looking and it also comes with two additional circles, one for the LED flash and the next for IR focusing.

It's not clear why a smartphone would need five camera lenses, but The Next Web reports that the lenses would each have a distinct role, like telephoto, black and white, colour, and something it calls "multi-lens pixel synthesis". The device here, in question, is likely the Nokia X7. If so, you can expect it to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

Nokia 9
Leaked image purportedly shows Nokia 9 and its five rear cameras

Apart from the massive camera setup, the device seems to have a glass back with all the finger smudges. So, whenever Nokia rolls out the Android Pie update for Nokia 6.1 Plus, chances are it will bring back the option to hide the notch on the smartphone. It was also then reported to launch at IFA as well, but that didn't happen either. WinFuture claimed in June that the smartphone would come with a "hohen Risiko" (high risk) camera setup, and in April 2017, it was speculated that the Nokia 9 would feature OZO Audio.

Or HMD Global is messing with us and we could see an entirely new device. Now rumors suggest that it will launch sometime later this year or early next year.

To start with the press render first, Twitter user Ben Geskin has released a press render of the Nokia 9 with a penta-camera setup.

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