Uber to Ban Passengers with Low Ratings


That's because when it comes to safety, our work is never done. If a auto is stopped for a prolonged period of time during a ride, the app will flag the ride to an Uber support person, who will in turn call the rider or driver to ensure everything is okay.

Ride Check will also identify other factors that might indicate whether someone is in danger, such as "a long, unexpected stop during a trip". Further, Uber will let users request a trip at a cross-street instead of the exact address. "Going forward, after the trip ends, the Driver app will only show the general area where a trip started and ended, not the address", Khosrowshahi wrote.

"Safety should be our No. 1 priority", Khosrowshahi said onstage.

"In the end, we want you to know when you get into that vehicle, whether you're a rider or a driver, that Uber's got your back", he said.

Uber also claimed that passengers would have to receive several one-star reviews to have their rating drop to four stars or below. "When a Ride Check is initiated, riders and drivers will be prompted to use our Safety Toolkit, which includes the option for 911 assistance".

"Today, we're raising the bar on safety by unveiling new features that will help protect all our customers and the information they entrust to us", Khosrowshahi said in a statement.

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It eliminates the need for drivers to try and keep a hand on the wheel while completing other tasks, which is a safety risk for both drivers and riders.

The chief also added that the company was still on the edge of becoming a public company in 2019 and that the self-driving unit was positive to be a part of Uber during that phase. Rider ratings are available to drivers before they accept a passenger.

Uber says that Australia and New Zealand are among the first territories to see the feature - in a possible hint of a wider roll-out.

Uber will either send a text message, or verify their identity through third-party apps like Google Authenticator, Authy or Duo by going to Uber's account settings and selecting a method.

Now, users can choose to go through the two-step verification process each time they sign in.