Students’ Fake McDonald’s Poster Goes Unnoticed for 51 Days


Two customers at a McDonald's in Pearland, Texas created and hung a fake ad at the restaurant featuring themselves.

"We were eating McDonald's one day, and we looked around and saw there were posters around that didn't have any Asians", explained Jevh Maravilla.

On July 13, Maravilla, Toledo and friends snuck the over-sized poster into the Pearland McDonald's and proceeded to hang it on the wall without being detected.

Amazingly, they arrived in the restaurant, put the poster up and left without any real McDonald's staff member coming to question them. They saw a blank wall in June and decided it was the ideal place to put a picture of themselves. "Asian representation in media is not as prevalent as it should be", Maravilla told KPRC Click2Houston.

While there, they noticed that posters in their local restaurant contained no pictures of Asian people.

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The pair even bought a McDonald's uniform from a charity shop for seven dollars to help them execute the prank. And hopefully one day I could see someone like me on the big screen. The Tweet, posted on September 2, states that the poster had been left up for 51 days.

It shows the lengthy measures Jevh and his friend Christian took to producing the poster.

What they did not expect is how viral their prank would get in social media, as his post has now garnered nearly 230,400 retweets and 927,910 likes, as of this writing.

"And I really hope they'll never take it down", Maravilla says in the video.

A McDonald's franchisee released a statement on the prank Tuesday, saying, "We take pride in highlighting diversity in every aspect of our restaurants". It would be, like, a dream come true'.