Vice President Mike Pence Makes A Visit To Vermont


Vice President Mike Pence lavishly praised the "lifetime of service" of the late senator John McCain during a speech Thursday to a veterans' group that had criticized President Donald Trump this week for not immediately issuing a proclamation to lower USA flags in the senator's honor.

On Saturday, speeches by his daughter Meghan and two former presidents - Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Barack Obama - remembered McCain as a patriot who could bridge painful rivalries.

"The president asked me to be here, on behalf of a grateful nation, to pay a debt of honor and respect to a man who served his country throughout his life", Pence said at the memorial.

"As President Trump said yesterday", he continued, "we respect his service to the country".

Given the contentious relationship between Donald Trump and John McCain that seemed to continue even after the Arizona senator's death, many social media users pointed out how Meghan McCain's body language made it appear as if she was less than happy with Mike Pence representing Trump at her father's memorial, the New York Daily News wrote.

"The president asked me to be here on behalf of a grateful nation", Pence said.

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"John McCain served his country and John McCain served his country honorably".

"In every generation, there are those who put country first, who prize service ahead of self, who summon idealism from a cynical age".

This side eye Meghan McCain is giving Mike Pence.

Ryan added that, "We have this handsome thing, the chance to do for this man what he did for us, to stand up, to stand up and embrace the cause of his life". John McCain at a special ceremony in the United States Capitol Rotunda.

Vice President Pence spoke at the Capitol on Friday, where the late Sen.

Later, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., joined McConnell, Ryan and Pence in laying wreathes next to McCain's casket. Burial at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, is scheduled to take place Sunday.