West Nile Virus leads to death of Kent County man


For those who are bitten by mosquitoes, Davis said roughly 80 percent of those who contract the West Nile virus don't actually present symptoms.

A LaSalle County senior is the first person to die of West Nile virus in the state this year, the Illinois Department of Public Health said in a Wednesday news release.

The stadium, surrounded by residential areas, is ready for a Friday night football game. "If you can avoid being out at dusk, that's usually when they prey more", said Cookman. Most people fully recover, but for some, it can develop into a severe illness that affects the central nervous system.

- Use an EPA-approved repellent on skin and clothes - always follow the instructions on the label. Mosquitoes love water, so it's important to get rid of this potential breeding ground.

Be sure to use insect repellent and wear long sleeves and trousers at these times, or consider staying indoors during these hours.

Check your doors, windows and foundations. Birds and horses can also contract the virus.

West Nile Virus leads to death of Kent County man
West Nile Virus leads to death of Kent County man

Watch and listen to health department alerts and warnings about mosquito disease outbreaks.

Animal and mosquito cases have been found in LaSalle County this year near LaSalle, Ottawa and Streator.

Expressing concern over the number of reported cases (133), the ISA called on the Health Ministry and the Attica Regional Authority to work with experts and local authorities to deal with the virus's spread which, it said, is having a financial cost, as it is also impacting the tourism industry.

There have been confirmed cases in CT this season as well. Two of them, a Suffolk County resident in her 40s and a Worcester County woman in her 70s, were admitted to hospitals.

Most people infected with West Nile have no or few symptoms, but some suffer serious inflammation of the brain.

Fifty-three cases and two deaths have been reported in Louisiana, a CDC report shows.

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