Rudy Giuliani on Russian Federation probe: "Truth isn’t truth"


"No, it isn't truth", remarked Giuliani.

"Truth is truth", Todd responded.

Giuliani also asserted that, if Mueller's obstruction probe ultimately came down to Trump's word against fired FBI Director James Comey's, "truth isn't truth".

In a series of angry tweets Sunday, Trump insisted Sunday that White House lawyer Don McGahn isn't "a John Dean type 'RAT,"' making reference to the Watergate-era White House attorney who turned on Richard Nixon. Giuliani demanded, mocking Todd's facial expression.

In January a year ago Kellyanne Conway said told Todd's programme, Meet the Press, that the White House was entitled to present "alternative facts" - to which Todd retorted: "Alternative facts are not facts. I think this is going to become a bad meme".

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's lead attorney in the ongoing Russian Federation probe, said that he will not allow special counsel Robert Mueller III to rush Trump into an interview because investigators could try to catch the president in a lie based on their version of the facts.

"Donald Trump says, "I didn't talk about Flynn with Comey", Comey says, "You did talk about it".

Last week, Brennan wrote an op-ed in the New York Times in which he confirmed Trump's joke at a July 27, 2016 press conference about inviting the Russians to find the 33,000 emails missing from Clinton's illicit private server had prompted him to start a large counter-intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.

Rudy Giuliani         Source Associated Press
Rudy Giuliani Source Associated Press

"Truth is truth", Todd said. The problem is, President Trump "seems genuinely confused" by the basics of trade economics, including tariffs and trade deficits, he said, succinctly explaining both concepts for the edification of viewers and in case a certain president of the United States was hate-watching.

Fresh into his new assignment as an legal adviser to the president, Giuliani appeared on Fox News host Sean Hannity's show on May 2 for what should have been a friendly interview.

In the other noteworthy section of his interview, Giuliani once again changed the Trump administration's line on its fateful meeting with Russians at Trump Tower in 2016.

The meeting involved Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Kremlin-linked lawyer, and Trump's oldest son.

"I guess Jared is a fine man, you know that", Giuliani said. "If someone said, I have information about your opponent, you would take that meeting".

But when the time passed and Mueller's probe continued, Giuliani conceded to POLITICO that his threat was just a ploy.

Elsewhere in the interview, Giuliani executed the same 180° turn the President did weeks ago, acknowledging that the campaign-era meeting in Trump Tower between senior campaign officials and Russians "was originally for the goal of getting information about [Hillary] Clinton".

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