Apple to roll out entry-level MacBook in September


The MacBook will be supposedly be priced at $1,200 in the United States when it releases later this year industry sources have told DigiTimes. According to the portal DigiTimes, the heir to the Air will be released this year. Judging from previous releases, this should amount to around £1,149 and about AU$1,799.

According to Digitimes, Apple had meant to release the new machines earlier in the year with 10m Intel CPU architecture; however, due to the continued delay of Intel's 10nm rollout Apple had been forced to adapt its plans and adopt 14nm Kaby Lake chips instead.

New MacBook Pros referred to in TrendForce's note were launched last month at the beginning of Q3.

Although Apple's MacBook is being pitched as an "entry-level" option by Digitimes' sources, it won't be cheap. Unfortunately, we know nothing more about this laptop's capabilities that would hint toward either circumstance - aside from the fact that will come running Intel's latest Kaby Lake processors. With those now set to start shipping in mid-2019, Apple opted to launch with the 14nm Kaby Lake chips rather than delay the refresh by another year.

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Word on the street is that Apple is planning on launching a refreshed MacBook Air before the end of 2018. A rumor a few days ago said that an Apple supplier expects strong Apple orders for Apple's new affordable notebooks in the fourth quarter of the year.

Apple is expected to include an 18W power adapter that works with USB-C with the tablets. This raises concerns among the community about the chances of Apple discontinuing the Air series.

Finally, the report claims Apple will finally have an update on its 3-in-1 AirPower wireless charger, which could sell for between $150-$200. According to DigiTimes's sources, it will debut at around $193 (about £145, AU$258).