New Fortnite patch adds Heavy Sniper and two new game modes


Profile stats are not tracked in Soaring 50's, but they are tracked in the Sniper Shootout Limited-Time Mode, in which players do battle using the newly added Heavy Sniper Rifle.

NEW Fortnite 5.21 patch notes have arrived this morning and should now be live for players to download as confirmed by a new blogpost on the official Fortnite Website. The Soarin' 50's mode allows gamers to re-deploy their Gliders when falling from large heights.

The Heavy Sniper deals a lot of damage with each shot, with epic variants dishing out 150 damage and legendary variants dealing 157. It adds a new character called Thora, who can lure husk enemies into traps.

Only weapon drops are Sniper Rifles. This new mode looks to try and offer a new twist of the 50 vs 50 mode and brings a huge emphasis on mobility.

As such, the only weapons dropped are Sniper Rifles and floor loot spawns are reduced by 50%. As is usually the case, you'll be able to find the Heavy Sniper in floor loot, chests, supply drops, and vending machines, so pretty much anywhere a gun would typically spawn. Impulse Grenades, Bounce Pads, and Launch Pad have also had their spawn rates increases, so expect to see people flying all over the place.

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Profile Stats (K/D & Wins) are not tracked in this mode.

In addition to the Heavy Sniper, there are two new limited-time game modes being added to the game today.

As the beta goes on, Epic Games plans to make it available on an increasingly large array of Android devices.

Deals 150/157 damage to players.

Removed the Power Rating restrictions on Challenge the Horde missions. We've identified the issue and are working towards a fix. Notably, Fortnite is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and select Android handsets.