Saudi Arabia Threatens Canadian 9/11, Shows Limits of Twitter Diplomacy


His case long has been raised by global human rights groups and Western diplomats, including Canadians, who have called on Saudi Arabia to free him.

Egypt said it stands in "solidarity" with the Saudis against Canadian meddling, while Bahrain accused Canada of attempting to undermine Saudi Arabia's sovereignty. They said Canada "plans to seek help from the United Arab Emirates and Britain" in easing tensions with Saudi Arabia.

"It is a significant portion of our barley exports", Dahl said, noting the market had been considered a stable market, noting the industry saw growth potential there given ongoing food sustainability concerns within Saudi Arabia.

Last Tuesday, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said at least 15 human rights defenders and women's rights activists critical of the Saudi government had been arrested or detained arbitrarily since 15 May.

But Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir tweeted that Canada's position was based on "misleading information", adding that anyone arrested was "subject to Saudi laws that guarantee their rights".

Trade between Canada and Saudi Arabia exceeded $4-billion (€ 3.4 billion) a year ago, a significant portion of it came from a controversial multibillion-dollar deal to sell combat vehicles equipped with machine guns and cannons to the Saudis, according to The Globe and Mail.

"We're reaching out ... to identify their circumstances, what their needs are, whether they have families with them", she said.

The Amnesty spokeswoman noted a ban on women drivers was lifted in June, but that a number of activists who campaigned for the right to drive were arrested and face up to 20 years in prison.

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"Both Canada and the U.S. lost the Middle East market a long time ago. because they are at a freight disadvantage (with higher ocean shipping costs) to the European Union and Black Sea export markets", the consultant said.

About a decade ago, the country's rulers threatened to make it easier for terrorists to attack London unless the United Kingdom stopped investigating corrupt Saudi arms deals.

Those held include the Saudi-American human rights campaigner Samar Badawi, sister of jailed blogger Raif Badawi.

On Monday, the Saudi foreign ministry tweeted: 'The kingdom announces that it is recalling its ambassador to Canada for consultation. Many students pay tens of thousands of dollars in tuition fees alone, while also paying huge sums on accommodation and living expenses.

Saudi Arabia expelled the Canadian ambassador on Monday and froze "all new business" with Ottawa over criticism of its arrest of women's rights activists.

The airline now operates at least two routes flying out of Toronto's Pearson International Airport - one to the Saudi capital city of Riyadh, the other to the city of Jeddah.

'Canada will always stand up for human rights, in Canada and around the world, and women's rights are human rights, ' Freeland told an audience in Vancouver.

"We urge the Saudi authorities to immediately release them and all other peaceful human rights activists", the tweet said, according to CBC/Radio Canada. Previously, Toronto was the only Canadian destination Saudia served.