Kim Kardashian shares picture of ‘inseparable’ Chicago and Saint


Kim Kardashian West has shared an adorable picture of her "inseparable" children Chicago and Saint. "Kanye does not. So I unofficially instagrammed Chi Noel and I was like I'm doing this because I want her middle name to be Noel".

The 37-year-old reality star added the pic of the two sitting next to each other to her Instagram with the caption: "these two are inseparable".

She said: 'With proper diagnosis and treatment, these children can thrive.

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Instead, the mum-of-three has made a decision to shorten the name to "Chi", pronounced "shy", and keep that as her unofficial name for now. So I said, 'I love you so much, and maybe this is good to push you to figure out what you want to do.' It ended really well. I respect that. I love giving that encouragement to whoever I'm working with. "A one-syllable name. Noel is my middle name, and it's not a one-syllable name, but it's short". Kim also reiterated she was "so happy" Stephanie was exploring new opportunities.

Like, Chicago just looks really long to me and doesn't flow, so I call her Chi. "I would recommend surrogacy for anybody". In a Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode that aired last October, she complained about Stephanie's "unprofessional" relationship with sister Kourtney. We were going to call her Jo for Mary Jo and have it be Jo West. "People just took it-just because people stop working together doesn't mean that they're feuding and stop being friends". "When you're told not to be dramatic, " remarked one sarcastic follower, while another wrote, "this reminds me of a chalk outline from GTA".

"He's nicer than [daughter North], I will say that".