Bachelorette Bling: Details on the Ring Garrett Gave Becca


"The Instagram situation, I don't condone that and he stands by his apology", she added.

Though Becca may have bought Garrett's apology, fans?

Kufrin accepted his proposal without hesitation, jokingly noting that this is the last time she would do this.

Becca admitted it was "a major thing" they had to talk about in the beginning stages of their off-camera relationship. As Hollywood Life details, Becca and Garrett explained during the ATFR that they would spend some time in Minnesota with her family, and then they would head to Reno where he now lives.

Honestly? It was sad, but I found Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s blindside of Becca and Rachel Lindsay's breakup with Peter Kraus more uncomfortable to watch. But through all of that, too, because we were so constant, I think I was overlooking other relationships. "I never want you to doubt yourself", she told Horstmann.

Though Becca and Garrett may disagree politically (the wallpaper on her Twitter page is Joe Biden), they didn't let their differing views drive them apart. We wish Becca all the happiness in the world and can't wait to see how tonight goes!' Luckily, I got to know him for who he is.

The star, who gave Garrett her first impression rose on the season premiere, told Jimmy Kimmel she felt that "instant spark" with her fiance. "I didn't mean to offend anyone".

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Yrigoyen's history of liking posts that mocked Parkland high school students, liberal women, trans people and undocumented immigrants were dug up after he was cast. In fact, Becca said it forced them to have hard conversations and actually brought them closer together."It's a challenge that we had to overcome, and it's been a hurdle, but we have pushed through, and we have talked about it", Becca said.Though Becca may have bought Garrett's apology, fans?

Forgive our cynicism, y'all - we've just seen things play out this way so many times before. "I was very anxious about it, that I might lose her from that". She doesn't quite pull it off, but she does have a good chat with him and comes away thinking he would challenge Becca and be a good teammate. "I didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings or do anything like that".

"I'm really sorry I didn't mean to offend anybody, but now I know the weight that a like holds on Instagram and things like that, so we just addressed it, her and I", he said.

She continued, "That being said, I want to go through that entire journey with people - open to me and open to all the 28 men..."

"The past two months we've had to stay in hiding", Kufrin said. "We are moving in together, we don't exactly know where yet", Becca explained, saying they'll live for a short period of time in each other's respective cities before making a final decision.

Garrett said he was "really worried" when the reports starting dropping online, adding that he thought "I might lose her from that".