Trump says Republicans should run on his record


Troy Balderson, who is running in Tuesday's special election for an open congressional seat against Democrat Danny O'Connor, the Franklin County recorder.

Connecticut Republican leaders would far prefer to see this fall's election as a referendum on their caricature of the Malloy administration rather than on a president whose popularity in Connecticut is low. Kasich said. "He said, 'no, I didn't.' I think Donald Trump decides where he wants to go and I think they think they're firing up the base".

The president ended his tweet by saying "I like Mike!" - seeming to side with Michael Jordan in the debate over whether he or James is the greatest National Basketball Association player of all time.

The rally is happening at Olentangy Orange High School in Ohio's 12th congressional district.

Trump will travel Saturday to OH to hold a rally for state Sen.

He blasted the media as "fake news", saying journalists "were awful people", and went on a screed against illegal immigration.

Troy Balderson of OH is running for Congress against a Nancy Pelosi Liberal who is WEAK on Crime & Borders.

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He also gave an onstage hug to Rep. Jim Jordan, who is under siege after allegations that, as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University, he knew of alleged sexual abuse by a team doctor but did not report it. Jordan, who has denied the charge, has announced his plan to run for speaker of the House. Trump said. "What a great defender he's been, what courage".

"I asked him, I said, Troy, why did you invite Trump in here, the president?"

The president laid blame squarely on Congress's doorstep, saying, "Our weak laws that have been given to us by weak people in Congress", and, "The Democrats have been disgusting on border security, and many of them are standing there and sitting there and agreeing with me 100 percent".

"Get out and vote for Steve on Aug 7th", Trump wrote in a tweet that referenced Representative Steve Stivers.

He defended his trade policies and, at one point, seemed to suggest that the markets would be up another 40 percent without his tariffs - but said the measures were needed or the nation would eventually have to "pay the piper".

Trump was traveling Saturday to OH to hold a rally for state Sen.