Google Maps' location sharing now lets you track battery status


The battery level will be indicated with a percentage.

This update might or might not make life simpler for you.

This safety measure could put worries at ease for users concerned why they haven't heard from a friend - possibly because their phone died - and now users can check.

Google Maps users who share their location with friends or loved ones will now automatically display their device's battery level. "When checking a contact's location, there's now a battery icon right next to the distance", Android Police writes. So you might want to be careful when telling someone you didn't pick up their call because your phone was dead, as they might already know the truth.

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The article "The First Google Maps War" by Frank Jacobs on February 28, 2012, explains how Google Maps nearly cause a war in 2010. Back in June, a host of new personalization features were launched, including streamlining the process of locating restaurants, cafes, and other places to eat and drink. Now, it appears to give users an exact percentage and will also indicate if the person is charging their device.

We tested out the battery percentage on both ends and it is fairly accurate. Krish Vitaldevara, Google Maps' Head of Product, said, "The goal is for drivers to read through the directions first to help memorise the path before they start navigating, especially since these countries tend to contain roads and alleyways without actual names". Of course, sharing your location with a friend remains voluntary in the Android application.

The feature is now live on Google Maps for Android and iOS. Just be aware that it will be active until you turn it off again.