Tim Allen’s rebooted show won’t reveal whether character is a Trump supporter


"I go way back with Rosie and that's not the Rosie I know", he said Thursday at the Television Critics Association's press tour in Los Angeles, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"Whatever got in her head isn't the Roseanne I know", he added.

Tim Allen, right, broke his silence on Roseanne Barr's firing from ABC after she posted a racist tweet about a former Obama administration official in May. We've gone backwards. There's things you can't say, there's things you shouldn't say.

The "Home Improvement" icon said that although Barr's tweet was not consistent with "the Roseanne" that he used to know, he also questioned who "makes up" the rules on what a comedian should or shouldn't say and branded the current climate a "dangerous" environment. And as a stand-up comic, it's a risky position to be in because I like pushing buttons.

And while Allen has long lamented the lack of conservative representation on TV, he doesn't think ABC pulled Roseanne off the air because of politics. "But, the character itself, I don't think we'll address upon one way or another", Abbott said.

'I think the guy is kind of a centrist, ' Allen told the audience. Mr. Allen said his character will "promote the American way", but will not outwardly support President Trump.

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"He owns a big business so if it's helping his business, he's probably pro-Trump".

While Allen is an outspoken Republican and was very outspoken about his political leanings when the show was originally canceled two seasons ago, he was stern about separating himself from Mike Baxter on Last Man Standing. He's for whatever is good for his business and for the state of Colorado.

Showrunner Kevin Abbott concurred with Allen's statements.

Baxter is played by actor Tim Allen, who has spoken often about his conservative views. "We consider ourselves a family show with a traditional character at the center of it, which is only unusual in today's environment". "We just think it's a really amusing show" with general appeal. And a fist pump, ouch, for [Fox Television Group CEOs] Dana Walden and Gary Newman at Fox for not only listening to the fans, but for making the bold move to bring Last Man Standing back.

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