In My Feelings Challenge originator appears in Drake's official music video


The Toronto-based rapper has dropped the music video for his smash hit, "In My Feelings," in which he leads everyone in the viral dance.

The craze, eponymous with the comedian Shiggy who invented it, has started wave of celebrities sharing their own #InMyFeelings challenge dance over social media.

Drake posts video for the song "In my feelings".

The video features a long list of special guests, including Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show's Clair Huxtable), La La Anthony, City Girls' Yung Miami, Big Easy bounce star Big Freedia, and Shiggy, the man responsible for sparking the #InMyFeelingsChallenge.

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Prominently featured in the video is New Orleans dancer and Tulane student Satchel Joseph, daughter of News with a Twist co-host LBJ.

Just when you thought the In My Feelings Challenge may be about to die down, Drake has made sure that everyone will continue busting a move to his song. Millions of people tweeted about the challenge but some took it to unsafe extremes by jumping out of moving cars to perform the dance.

The clip kicks off with Drake pulling up to Keke's house on the block and throwing a stone to knock on her video to get her attention. It's unclear at the moment if Shiggy himself will make a cameo in the video or not, but we'll know in a matter of hours if so.