YouTube's dark mode is now available for Android users


We had reported previous year that Google-owned YouTube, the most popular video streaming website, is testing a new "dark mode" feature that is expected to cause less strain to the user's eyes while watching YouTube videos at night time or dimly-lit environments.

Some people also believe that black or darker interfaces save battery, but the fact isn't entirely accurate.

YouTube formally announced Dark Theme in the middle of previous year after it added it to its desktop version. We think more app developers need to include a dark mode option in their apps. Those who totally hate the dark theme's particular shade of gray unfortunately can't opt for a deeper shade of black, though.

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The theme can similarly be toggled on and off within the app's settings menu. The feature will assist users in easily find new channels and videos while browsing on mobile. Well, that changes now, at least for the lucky few that have the feature rolling out to their Android phones. From there, you should see a new "Dark mode" option you can toggle on and off.

The setting to enable the dark mode, according to 9to5Google, can be found under Settings General Dark theme. Dark mode is really one of those features you didn't know you wanted until you use it.

We've seen Apple include a dark mode into the latest macOS Mojave build that darkens all the elements on a screen to offer a predominantly darker experience. The feature could be availed by the user as it comes with an option to make it switch off or on.