People Are Calling Out Kim Kardashian for 'Sickening' Weight Loss 'Compliments'


"It's taken me a long time to be happy with my body and for my confidence to grow to what it is today", she admitted to Elle UK.

She informed that the US President had called her to inform her that he had considered her advice regarding the case of drug offender Alice Johnson. That was the first thing I said.

"I've never seen a human being look as good", Khloé Kardashian added. "You are a walking FaceTune doll".

Kimmel, who has been a known Trump detractor, tried to engage in a little riff on the president, joking that, had he known she was nude, he would have released the whole prison.

"You know what, no, because I always respect what [another] person thinks", she said.

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A Reddit user seems to have lost hope in this news, as they view Kardashian's acknowledgement and support for bitcoin as a "confirmation I was looking for that I've made a sound financial decision". "I'm like, 'Get me a robe!'"

She went on to clarify that her husband's admiration of Trump was far more about personality than policy. [Kanye]'s not political, so he doesn't really dig deep with what's going on.

The KKW Beauty head, who rocked a bob and black leather trousers that evening, later clarified she weighs less when she takes out her hair extensions.

Jenner, 20, was featured on a list of the 60 richest self-made women in America by the outlet, which also said she had amassed a fortune of 900 million USA dollars (£685 million) through her cosmetics business.

After Kardashian West described how "weird" it felt to be in the Oval office, Kimmel quipped how it was "especially weird" that Trump is president. Kimmel mocked, referring to other people she wanted Trump to consider for a presidential pardon. "I don't agree with everything either".