Police say no conclusion reached on link between Toronto shooter, ISIS


No more than 45 seconds later, more shots rang out.

Hugs and tears happening, too. "They'll get through it, and they'll be Danforth Strong".

There were really not all that many tears either, if we are honest.

Who it will not go back to normal for are the families of the slain and wounded.

She said the gunman's mother had told her about the relatively recent death of her daughter and an unspecified illness affecting her other son. According to the family, he suffered from psychosis and received both medicine and therapy, but doctors were "unable to treat him".

It was the latest in a series of tragedies for the family: several years ago, Hussain's sister died in a separate accident.

Neighbours and friends said Hussain came from a supportive family beleaguered with troubles and showed no outward signs of mental illness.

Seems the shooter's purported mental health issues are a catch-all explanation pill that everybody is supposed to swallow.

Saunders said officials will continue to explore every investigative avenue, including interviews and reviewing the online activity and mental health experiences of dead gunman Faisal Hussain.

At the 65 Mussallah Mosque near the building, Abubaker Patel said he knew Faisal's father well, calling him "the nicest guy in the world".

Toronto shooter’s neighbors knew nothing of mental illness
Family of Toronto shooter condemns his 'horrific actions'

Still, friends said he was always cheerful. "What I see here is very touching".

"When he comes around six o'clock, seven o'clock, I say, 'Faisal, who is cooking?" "And nobody else is able to defend themselves, which I find to be the greatest breach of freedom - the right to defend yourself, the right to stay alive".

Police found ammunition and large-capacity magazines in the apartment Hussain shared with his parents, the outlet reported. An autopsy on Hussain was expected Tuesday. Photos of the young woman have been left at makeshift memorials along Danforth Avenue.

There are a lot of things unknown.

Hussain, who was 29, was born in Canada, according to people who knew the family.

"At this stage, based on the state of the investigation, which is led by the Toronto police service, there is no connection between that individual and national security", Goodale said.

Certainly in this incident there are many more questions than there are answers.

Loblaw's has also confirmed that Hussain worked for the company as a part-time employee. "The best risk factor for future violence is previous violence - whether one is mentally ill or not".

No sooner had they gone public than on social media and in the mainstream media those with political points to score or axes to grind were seizing upon Hussain's purported illness as proof either that the violence he unleashed was exclusively the product of that and nothing else or that it was somehow confirmation the authorities were conspiring to hide his ostensible extremist leanings.

Thus the subject on the evening news became one of lack of funding of mental health and gun crime, painting the murderer himself as a victim with not even a hint of anger at the man who had declared war on a Toronto street of partygoers, killing two girls, 18 and 10.

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