Longest Lunar Eclipse Of the Century To Appear On 27th July


Noah Petro, a scientist from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center said, Image source " The eclipse won't be visible from North America.

Moreover, astronomy enthusiasts will also be able to see planet Mars along with the total lunar eclipse at the same time.

And if that is not enough excitement, Earth will also be passing between the Sun and Mars on July 27, putting the Red Planet at opposition in our sky, right next to the full moon.

According to ABC News, on this Friday, Earthlings can witness the longest total lunar eclipse that'll turn the Moon reddish orange.

This happens because blue light undergoes stronger atmospheric scattering, so red light will be the most dominant color highlighted as sunlight passes through our atmosphere and casts it on the moon.

"As the Dundee Law is the highest point in the city, you are bound to get great views of the total lunar eclipse". On July 27, the earth, moon and sun will come to align in a ideal line, which will cause the phenomenon.

A picture taken on January 31, 2018 shows the moon rising behind a mountain during a lunar eclipse, referred to as the "super blue blood moon" near Syria-Turkey border at the Hassa district in Hatay.

Tune in starting at 2:24p.m. (Jacksonville time) to see the partial eclipse.

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The whole of North America and Central America will miss out on the eclipse but stargazers in affected countries will have a chance to watch the Virtual Telescope live stream.

Petro added that the totality of the lunar eclipse will last for an hour and about 42 minutes.

Skywatchers around the world will have sight of the longest total lunar eclipse of the century on Friday.

The eclipse will also be visible to most parts of Africa‚ Europe‚ the Middle East and eastern Asia. And weather permitting, the Full Buck moon should not disappoint.

Star-gazers are set for a night-time spectacle as a blood moon lunar eclipse will be making an appearance at the end of the week.

"You get a true sense of the solar system moving - and that in itself is a really dramatic experience".

The statement further said that "It is occurring at a time when the moon is at its farthest distance from the earth and so it will be the longest total lunar eclipse in this century".

One of those promoting the idea that the Red Moon marks the end of the world is a pastor called Paul Begley, who is from Indiana.