‘The Brady Bunch’ house up for sale after more than 50 years


The iconic California home featured on "The Brady Bunch" is up for sale. The rest of "The Brady Bunch" was filmed in a Los Angeles studio.

The beloved Florence Henderson sitcom aired from September 1969 to March 1974 and spawned TV spinoffs, reunion films and stage plays.

The 2,477 square-foot home, built in 1959, features two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The Zillow listing for the home says the house "is reportedly the 2nd most photographed home in the United States after the White House". Details of the home include a rock wall fireplace, wood-paneled walls, floral wallpaper, and an intercom/whole house radio.

Both McCallisters have died and their children are selling the home, the LA Times reported.

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The two-bedroom, three-bathroom home in the 11200 block of Dilling Street, adjacent to the Los Angeles River, is being offered for almost $1.9 million, according to agent Ernie Carswell.

The inside of the home has been updated but still has touches that match the 1970s facade.

Ernie Caswell of Douglas Elliman, who listed the house, told the Los Angeles Times, "We're not going to accept the first big offer from a developer who wants to tear it down". They're developers for the lot size.

Carswell told the Times that even though the 12,500-square foot lot that is near the Los Angeles River has been target for tear downs and redevelopment, the owners are giving first consideration to bidders who will keep the home intact.

The Studio City house was used to depict the exterior of "The Brady Bunch" family home.