Nursing mother charged with killing infant with drug-laced breast milk


An 11-week-old baby died from an overdose from drugs that were transmitted through his mother's breast milk.

But then, when the baby woke up at 3 a.m. on the morning of April 2, Jones told police that she was too exhausted to make a bottle of formula and told police she tried to breastfeed him. Jones says a painkiller addiction led to a prescription for methadone, which she had taken while pregnant and post-partum. Jones allegedly told police that she had been primarily breastfeeding the baby but switched to formula three days before the child's death because he wasn't getting enough milk.

On the morning of his death, however, Jones told police she made a decision to try again at around 3 a.m. because she was too exhausted to walk downstairs and prepare a bottle of formula.

An hour later she found the baby pale, with bloody mucous coming from his nose.

Jones was held in lieu of $3 million cash bail.

The investigation is ongoing, prosecutors said.

A message seeking comment from her lawyer, Louis Busico, wasn't returned today.

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After Jones woke up, she asked her husband to prepare a bottle of formula, which she then fed to her son and placed him in his bassinet.

Jones called out to her mother, who was elsewhere in the house, the affidavit said, and the mother began CPR at the instruction of a dispatcher after they called 911. The New Britain Township police who responded to the call found the baby in cardiac arrest, the affidavit said.

"The benefits of breastfeeding largely outweigh any theoretical minimal risks", the article states.

The child's father told police that he found the baby's mother, 30-year-old Samantha Whitney Jones, and their son in separate bedrooms around 6 a.m.

Investigators say both drugs, in addition to methamphetamine, were in Jones' child's system. The hospital advises women not to breastfeed for 24 to 48 hours after using those types of drugs and emphasized the importance of pumping and dumping tainted breast milk.

He has trouble wrapping his mind around a homicide charge for the infant's death.

A preliminary hearing for Jones is set for July 23. She has another child - a 2-year-old son - who is now in the care of his father.