‘It’s not too late to save Brexit,’ Johnson tells United Kingdom parliament


In his resignation letter, he argued that the prime minister's latest plan was a signal to the Brexit-voting public that the referendum was being betrayed by too soft an exit strategy from the EU. His standing in Trump's orbit was damaged by the publication of a book about the Trump White House by the author Michael Wolff but he has since positioned himself again as a leading voice on the U.S. far right.

Parliament voted 307 to 301 against an amendment to trade legislation that would have required the government to try to negotiate a customs union arrangement with the EU if, by 21 January 2019, it had failed to negotiate a frictionless free trade deal with the EU.

"We have got a mission in government and it is serious".

Mr Davis's departure just 48 hours after being part of the Cabinet that agreed to Mrs May's plans also triggered the resignation of departmental ally Steve Baker, while fellow Brexit minister Suella Braverman is also reported to have stepped down.

Johnson, who led the main Brexit campaign in the 2016 referendum, resigned this month over May's strategy, triggering the government's biggest crisis since she lost her parliamentary majority after calling a snap election past year.

In a highly-charged personal statement to the House of Commons following his resignation as foreign secretary, Mr Johnson did not make a direct challenge to Mrs May's position as Prime Minister and Conservative leader.

- Allowed the issue of the Northern Irish border to dominate the debate. The Brexit "dream is dying", he said, and Britain was heading for the status of a "colony".

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After 18 months of stealthy retreat we've come from the "bright certainties" of May's Lancaster House speech to the "miserable permanent limbo" of the Chequers agreement, he said.

He said he could neither support nor accept the Brexit vision which he and other Cabinet members signed up to at Chequers.

"His speech will be a call for a change in policy, not a change of prime minister".

Johnson added: "We need to take one decision now before all others, and that is to believe in this country and what it can do because the UK's admirers across the world are fully expecting us to take back control". "I've no doubt Jacob Rees-Mogg is running our country".

"Perhaps the biggest problem for the government is that many Leave voters do not think the [Chequers] agreement reflects what they believe the country voted for in the European Union referendum", polling expert John Curtice wrote in a report this week. Said Mr. Johnson: “We are volunteering for economic vassalage.”.

The prime minister herself was absent, as she was giving evidence to MPs on the Commons liaison committee, where she faced a tough grilling from Brexit hardliners.

And Wes Streeting, a supporter of the People's Vote campaign for a second referendum, said: "Boris Johnson's speech was a total damp squib".