Air strikes kill seven civilians in southern Syria: monitor


"Rebel factions in these towns have stopped fighting to avoid bombardment and destruction", he said.

The transfers were part of a ceasefire deal brokered by government ally Russian Federation, and came after more than two weeks of ferocious bombardment of the city.

President Bashar al-Assad's forces have advanced in Daraa thanks to a deadly bombardment campaign since 19 June, along with Russia-brokered deals between opposition fighters and the government. Assad on Sunday met visiting Iranian foreign ministry official Hossein Jaberi Ansari and the two agreed that the "elimination of terrorism from most of Syria's territory has laid the most suitable ground to achieve results at the political level to put an end to the war", Assad's office said.

Israel, which once supported some of the rebel groups but has now dropped them, is warning that it will not offer them refuge.

The statement came a day before President Donald Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin are to meet in Finland. While the discussions centered on relations with Europe and the United States, a topic that also took high priority was the ongoing civil war in Syria. Government fighters waved rifles and held aloft pictures of Assad as they celebrated on camera from the location, al-Haara hill.

Regime forces backed by Russian air strikes and Iranian militia have rapidly retaken rebel-held territory near Jordan and Israel, trapping escaping civilians close to the borders of both countries. But the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, indicated last week that Israel would accept Syrian government control of the region.

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By the afternoon, Syrian state news agency SANA said government forces had captured Tallet Al-Hara. The strike, which was not officially acknowledged by Tel Aviv, killed several Syrian soldiers and Iranian advisers at the compound, and it also damaged the airfield's facilities.

The army offensive aims at completing its control of the strategic area known as the "Triangle of Death", which connects southern the Damascus countryside with Deraa and Quneitra provinces.

The Nawa rebels are agreeing to join the existing reconciliation deal, wherein they will surrender all heavy weapons and reconcile with the government. The American involvement in Syria has mainly been focused on the eastern half of the country, where the Islamic State terror group established the capital of its so-called caliphate in the Syrian city of Raqaa.

Daraa activist Abou Mahmoud Hourani said an estimated 400 members of the armed opposition and their families will be evacuated out of Daraa.

A USA intelligence report viewed by American media, however, said Putin was expected to ask Trump to deliver on his promise and indeed pull out of Syria.

It said 430 people including civilians and rebels from the city and wider province were evacuated, far fewer than the 1,400 expected to leave.