2 children bitten in suspected shark attacks


Two youngsters frolicking in the surf miles apart along the Fire Island National Seashore in NY suffered puncture wounds to their legs on Wednesday in apparent shark attacks that would mark the state's first such incidents in 70 years, authorities said.

Islip town officials initially confirmed that the boy's bite was indeed a shark attack, but later issued a statement saying that the 13-year-old was bit by "what may possibly have been a shark". "We urge swimmers to be vigilant and will continue to do everything we can to protect beachgoers", DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said. That teen was taken to Southside Hospital with an injury that did not appear life-threatening. Lola's father, Philip Pollina, said he could tell what he was seeing when he looked at her wound.

Islip Town officials say two sharks were caught by fishermen in the Atlantic Ocean Wednesday afternoon. "I think it was a shark attack", he said at a press conference. "My daughter was not even 10 feet off the shore up to her waist".

Mr Burgess claimed the size and shape of the bite marks, in addition to the tooth recovered from the boy's leg, were consistent with the impression of a small shark of large species or a species small in size.

Lola Pollina was bitten by a shark
Image Lola Pollina was bitten by a shark

The attacks come in the week when experts said that new types of sharks could be heading to Irish and British waters as a result of warming seas. Bathers were allowed to return to the water after the lifeguard sighting was confirmed to be a sandbar shark.

"The water is attractive, it is magnificent here. but the water can be treacherous", Carpenter said.

"I am relieved that both teenagers who were attacked have been released from the hospital", Cuomo said. At this time, both beaches where the attacks occurred have been temporarily closed to swimmers as the investigation continues.

Only about 10 cases of shark bites on people have ever been documented in NY state, the last one in 1948, Levine said, citing information he said was given by Islip town supervisors. Officials said it is now shark breeding season and most shark attacks happen at the surf zone.

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