How to send spam calls straight to voicemail with Google's phone app


Nobody likes receiving spam calls, so if you've got a Google Pixel, here's how to block them. However, everyone's results may vary.

To set it up open the updated Phone app on your Android phone and then tap the hamburger menu (the three dots on top of each there in the top right corner) and then Settings followed by Caller ID & Spam. Users are also notified if the call couldn't be completed. But what if it's that phone call from the bank or that delivery service and you need to take it? You won't get missed a call or voicemail notifications, but you'll still see filtered calls in your call history and be able to check any voicemail you receive. Although third-party applications have existed on the App Store for preventing and blocking spam calls, there has been no guarantee about their efficiency of detecting these calls. Once you turn off the incognito mode, YouTube will automatically switch to the account last used.

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Tap More Settings Caller ID & spam. When enabled, suspected spam calls will be routed straight to your phone's voicemail. The call will go straight to voice mail and if they choose to, they can still leave you a voice mail. The call they want to report as spam can be tapped and the block/report spam option needs to be selected. In case you also think a legit call may have been marked as spam, you can still check out the calls that have been blocked through your call history and then listen to any voicemails left to you. Whenever I stick around long enough to talk to a rep so I can ask them to stop calling me again, they immediately hang up on me.