Forget Prime Day, eBay is Giving Buyers 20% Off 20 Brands


With its hundreds of dollars off electronics, limited-time deals on everything from metal straws (the next big thing) to clock radios or whatever.

There are, of course, a zillion other deals to be had, but if you want the very best deals, just head to Amazon's Device Deals page, which is where you're going to get the best discounts highlighted. Target announced that they too will be hosting a super-sale (what many call "Anti-Prime Day" deals) starting on July 17th, with some exclusive deals available now! She also believes Amazon should have started the sale at midnight instead of the middle of the day to reduce the rush of traffic on the site. As Telsey Advisory Group's Joseph Feldman notes, the general boost in online traffic "should spill over to some competitors and boost sales on Prime Day", although he admits that "profitability may prove challenging, despite a well-planned counter-promotion".

Amazon are also offering its Prime members four months of Prime Music for just 99p!

If you're keen to watch content in 4K though, you'll find lots available as a part of your Prime membership in Prime Video.

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Trouble on the Amazon site spiked late into the first day of the sale in Australia had declined significantly within a couple of hours, according to, which monitors web trouble. Strikers demanding that their labour contracts guarantee healthy working conditions, with a mass walkout planned for Amazon's annual ecommerce event Prime Day.

Goldberg noted that it's easy for Amazon to extend deals on its own devices and brands, but trickier for it to extend deals for its third-party sellers because they signed up for different promotional slots.

Amazon said the industrial actions would have no effect on Prime Day deliveries.

Amazon created Prime Day in 2015 to mark its 20th anniversary, and its success has inspired other e-commerce companies to invent shopping holidays. Any product that enjoys a Prime Day discount will return to its normal price beyond this time.

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