Here's Apple's Lousy Attempt At Fixing the Keyboard on New MacBook Pros


Apple has a new program to address the matter, and the company is facing class-action suits because of it. If you got your new 2017 MacBook Pro from an Apple Store within the last 30 days, you can head back to the store, and explain the situation to them.

Yesterday, Apple announced a minor refresh for its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models, adding True Tone display technology, previously limited to iPhone X and iPad Pro.

Apple on Thursday unveiled its 2018 MacBook Pro models, which are already available for purchase online and in Apple stores. Why Apple did not make a bigger deal out of this is unknown, but given the current legal issues the previous keyboards have landed Apple with, it's likely the lack of information was more a legal decision than a public relations one.

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On the outside, everything's the same as it's been since the current MacBook Pro design debuted in 2016 - what's different is under the hood, and there lies some serious grunt.

The keyboard on the new MacBook Pro features a thin rubberized layer under its keycaps that prevents dust and debris from getting into the butterfly mechanism, reports iFixit.

Other than waiting to see how the keyboards of the 2018 MacBook Pros fare in the real world, there's one other way to find out whether Apple fixed the keyboard: iFixit's "official" teardown. In fact, Apple has a patent for this exact tech created to "prevent and/or alleviate contaminant ingress". Apple recently instituted a keyboard fix program after numerous complaints about the butterfly keyboard mechanism used by previous generation MacBooks.