Why artist has been forced to remove LeBron mural


As it turns out, some fans still had an issue with it and once the mural was vandalized again, Never chose to just wipe the slate clean. He also said that he created a Kobe mural a few years ago, but "people were very quick to forget that one". Online debate over who the better player between LeBron and Kobe was engulfed basketball fans for years and has only increased since the former's signing with the Lakers.

The LeBron James mural outside of Baby Blues BBQ in Venice, California won't be vandalized again.

LeBron completed his sensational move to the LA Lakers earlier this week and a huge mural was painted to celebrate the King's arrival - but the spectacular artwork did not last long.

"I know when to cut my losses", said Never, who did a Bryant mural near Staples Center during Bryant's final season as a Laker in 2016.

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"I got a ton of support", Never said, according to ESPN. "At first when we had the original piece, there was a ton of positivity, but also a ton of like pro-Kobe, anti-LeBron sentiment".

One person even offered fans $300 to alter the mural.

Never says the reactions to his mural were mixed, overall. "Some guy did it and posted video of him doing it and responded to the guy and said 'Pay me". James's production company SpringHill Entertainment has been developing the film for "several months" with Steve Mallory, who is known for helping pen The Boss, and the upcoming movie Super Intelligence, both of which star Melissa McCarthy. The mural - "The King of LA" - is gone. "And I didn't realize that a mural would be [almost] as talked about as much as the Lakers would be".