Trump meeting Queen rankles with many Britons


The President and First Lady Melania Trump were late getting to the castle (or the queen was early), forcing her to wait with some of her palace courtiers under a covered dais in temperatures nearing 26 degrees.

We may never know if Trump was actually late, or if the queen has a habit of checking her watch, but we should point out that it's interesting how no other members of the royal family appeared at the visit with the United States president. Mr Trump has met with Prince Charles previously, while Melania met with Prince Harry during the Invictus Games in Canada in 2016.

Trump was gracious about the British sovereign in a newspaper interview out Friday in which he attacked Prime Minister Theresa May's strategy on Brexit.

The former Celebrity Apprentice host said: "If you think of it, for so many years she has represented her country, she has never really made a mistake".

Trump's meeting with the Queen has been marred in controversy.

At one point, the queen can be seen gesturing to Trump, although it's unclear what exactly she may have been referring to.

Leo Murray, who calls himself "Trump baby's" daddy, told Phillips that the 20-foot-high protest balloon design was chose deliberately because Mr. Trump, "is uniquely vulnerable to personal insults, so we just got right down at his level, to speak to him in a language that he understands".

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While it was the Trumps' first meeting with Queen Elizabeth, it's not their first royal encounter.

"You could see that suppressed dominance where he felt that he had to still motion to her". On social media, some speculated that Trump was being instructed on which side of her he should walk.

The president and first lady will also join the queen inside the castle for tea.

While walking ahead of the queen is frowned upon, it isn't outright banned by the royal family.

The band played "hands across the sea" to mark the links between the two countries before she led her guests into the castle for that most English of engagements: tea. Considering her estimated net worth is $50 million, dishing out $10,000 for a bag probably just feels like reaching for pocket change to her.

During the course of her reign the Queen has met eleven serving USA presidents.