Sprint Overhauls Unlimited Plans: What's the Best Deal?


This is an excellent plan that offers unlimited data, talk and text plus great features for only $35 per month per line for two lines.10 More great news!

Although subscribers have no limit on how much data they can download and upload, Sprint warns "those who have used more than 23 GB in their current bill cycle may experience slower data speeds during times or in places where the network is more congested". However, with the Unlimited Freedom plan making way for Unlimited Basic and Plus, that offer ends today (July 12). Adding a second line costs $50, subsequent lines go for $30/month. You get subscriptions to Hulu and Tidal for your troubles as well, which helps sweeten the pot a little.

Also, following some of its rivals, Sprint introduced discounted plans for customers 55 and older and for military families. The same restrictions on streaming video quality (480p), streaming music, and gaming speeds all still apply. The carriers have been increasingly stretching the definition of an unlimited data plan - once a single, simple all-you-can-eat option - into something with a myriad of different adds-ons from hot spot capability to freebies like Hulu or AT&T Watch. If you get five lines, it's $42 per month, per line. The first is a $60 Unlimited Basic plan, which costs the same as Unlimited Freedom, but reduces hotspot capabilities to 500 megabytes and reduces video streams to standard definition.

Sprint is hardly the first carrier to divvy up its unlimited plans into multiple tiers. Besides unlimited talk, text and data, Unlimited Basic bundles in the Hulu streaming service and lets you use 5GB of LTE data when you're roaming in Canada and Mexico. Under this promotional pricing, Unlimited Plus costs $50 a month for a single line, with a second line available for another $30, and lines three through five costing $10 each.

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For both plans, Sprint is doing something nice: it's raising its limit on unlimited data (it pains me to write that) from 23GB per month to 50GB per month, which is the same limit as T-Mobile. That's also true when roaming in Canada and Mexico.

Sprint, like the other carriers, argue that people don't want a one-size-fits-all plan.

The new Unlimited Basic plan is far inferior to the existing $60 Unlimited Freedom plan. "So, hurry to a Sprint store, these promotions won't be around for long!"