Ontario reverting to old sex ed curriculum in fall, education minister says


The speech was vague about how it would pay for the enhancements to health care, but the government has promised to find efficiencies through a Commission of Inquiry and the audit of government books.

The money was to be paid out from revenues of the cap-and-trade system, which Ford began dismantling nearly immediately after taking office, as he had promised to do.

The speech confirmed that Ontario Premier Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative government will extend sales of beer and wine to convenience stores, more grocery stores, and big box stores. The throne speech warned that any carbon taxation by the federal government would be considered "oppressive taxes" and met with great resistance. "To overcome these challenges, we must challenge the status quo, reject the old compromises and embrace change", the throne speech said.

The government will focus on putting everyday workers and families first. The development made good on Ford's repeated promise to do away with the updated curriculum, which he said parents had not been adequately consulted on.

His government announced it was immediately revoking the updated sex-ed curriculum brought in by the Liberals and reverting to the previous version of the document, which was enacted in 1998.

"He's really brought common sense to this", McVety said.

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Liberal Leader John Fraser said the government failed to tell Ontarians the true cost of ending the cap-and-trade program, noting it has already meant $100 million less for school retrofits and repairs.

"The people of Ontario can't afford to wait and they won't have to wait", Smith said Tuesday.

"It makes me, as a parent, more vigilant", she said.

Both the sex-ed and math curriculums now in Ontario schools were described as "failed ideological experiments in the classroom" by former Premier Kathleen Wynne's government.

The Kathleen Wynne government's cap-and-trade program - an initiative that Premier Doug Ford have long dismissed as a tax grab - will be legally unravelled.

"Some numbers - 4,000 parents, 2,400 educators, 700 students, 170 organizations including CAMH over ten years went into writing this curriculum, so anyone saying there wasn't enough consultation is telling you nonsense", she said.