Love Island: New Jack and Laura's romance called out by contestants


Samira Mighty has quit Love Island to pursue a future with Frankie Foster. But I don't feel like I'm going to meet anyone else and have a connection with anyone else. "My mum loves you, she was like 'go for the Doctor!'"

Revealing why she picked Alex for the date, Alexandra says: "I feel like people haven't really given you a chance and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to get to know you".

"I could be wrong and Jack could be right but I felt it right to bring it up to Laura then because I thought she was a nice girl".

Samira (22) had been unlucky-in-love and waited several weeks to find a connection with someone and she had started to have feelings for Frankie.

"Wouldn't surprise me if after all this they show Laura the kiss video but edit it to make it look like Jack kisses Georgia just to mess her head up even more". I'm devastated by it. "This opportunity was fantastic and I take it with a full heart and full love". And I'm not saying I'm in love with Frankie or we're going to get married tomorrow but I don't want to waste any time, I just want to see him and I know this is the right thing to do.

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"Love how Georgia goes on about how she is BLANK and then flirts with other guys but tries to justify it by saying she is keeping Sam BLANK BLANK BLANK".

"I think the best thing for me to get closure on the Frankie situation and for me to be happy is to go today". I didn't expect to be tested again so soon but it is one of those things...

The socialite also responded to a fan, who said: "Well paris laura really deserves happiness and im glad she's getting along with new jack", when she asked to tell her something she didn't know.

"You go through ups and downs but mostly ups because you're there with awesome people".

And more than a decade on, Paris Hilton proved she still had a taste for the drama-filled genre as she continued to keep fans updated on her thoughts on this year's Love Island.