Blockbuster Video down to one United States store


The sole remaining store will be in Bend, Oregon.

She credited the store's "amazing, loyal customers" for the store's longevity. Despite modern technology rendering the stores obsolete, a handful have managed to survive in the US. "It's hard to say goodbye". While all Blockbuster corporate stores have been closed in the USA for some time, a third party licensed the name from Dish and had been operating Blockbuster stores in recent years. Unfortunately, they just weren't profitable enough for the owners to justify signing a new lease.

"Thank you for sticking by us throughout all these years", he wrote.

"It just breaks your heart, you know?"

The two closures will affect The Last Frontier. Three years after that, four of the 13 had closed.

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HBO "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver made an effort to help drum up business at the Anchorage location in April by sending the store movie memorabilia to display, including a jockstrap worn by actor Russell Crowe in the 2005 movie "Cinderella Man". However, the unexpected boom of streaming services like Netflix dealt a blow to video stores that they could not recover from. The Wasilla, North Pole and Soldotna stores closed this year, as did another Anchorage location near the intersection of Old Seward Highway and Huffman Road.

Blockbuster was the king of movie and video game rentals in 1990s. People would flock to the shop on Friday nights, hoping to get the last copy of their favorite film or the latest release before it got snagged by someone else.

At the peak of its popularity in 2004, Blockbuster boasted around 84,300 employees around the world. Blockbuster then peaked in 2004 with an incredible 9,094 stores worldwide ... and then quickly plummeted to declare bankruptcy in 2010.

Daymude said the items will be returned to the owner of the stores.

Both stores will close their doors on Monday with plans to reopen for an inventory sale starting at noon Tuesday that will run through July and August, according to a statement on the Blockbuster official Facebook page.