Thailand cave rescue: First pics of boys in hospital


The Journal noted that the story of the boys' entrapment and rescue will likely be retold in other media like TV and books in the coming months. He said they survived by drinking clean water dripping into the cave.

It was the sudden onset of that rainy season that trapped the boys deep underground while they were exploring. Eight boys were evacuated between Sunday and Monday, while four boys and their coach were removed on Tuesday.

"Some have had muscle infections, cold, flu, and some psychologists have been taking care of them to relieve stress", Health Ministry Inspector Lertvirairatanapong said.

Later this week, the Discovery Channel will be airing a one-hour documentary chronicling the team's weekslong ordeal: "Operation Thai Cave Rescue" premieres at 10 p.m. ET/PT on July 13. The photos also showed parents of the boys looking at their children through a glass window.

The doctor said three of the boys were being treated for minor cases of pneumonia, but said most would be discharged after about a week.

Despite spending days in the dark, dank, cave health officials said the boys - who are aged 11 to 16 - are in good physical and mental health and eating normal food.

Two of the first group had lung infection as well, and will need medicine for the next seven days.

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Extraordinary video footage shows how the boys were carted on stretchers for sections of the tunnel not flooded. Michael Scott (no, not that one), managing partner of Pure Flix, revealed the decision was a no-brainer, considering he's a part-time Thai resident and a family friend of Sgt. Saman Kunan, the volunteer rescuer who tragically lost his life on July 6. He ran out of air while trying to swim out of the cave.

Rescue chief Narongsak Osottanakorn told reporters the site would ultimately be converted into a museum showcasing the clothes and equipment used during the dramatic rescue.

Concerns are already being raised on social media that the movie could be "white-washed", focusing more on the worldwide characters while downplaying the role of Thais.

"Nobody is allowed to go inside the cave at all even though there is still a lot of equipment there because water levels have been rising since the rescue mission", he said. "Everyone worked together without discrimination of race or religion as the ultimate goal was to save the youth football team".

None of the 12 boys had ever been diving and some did not know how to swim.

Buoyancy compensators that establish neutral buoyancy underwater, hooded wetsuits, bungee cords and special face masks were carried by divers to the cramped patch of dry elevated ground where the boys were huddled.

"The world just needs to know that what was accomplished was a once in a lifetime rescue", Anderson told The Associated Press in an interview today. Hai Do was the editor.