Schumer, Pelosi Slam Trump Over Germany Remarks: 'An Embarrassment'


He also once again called for other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries to "immediately" increase their own defense spending to 2 percent of their national gross domestic product, a target that alliance members had previously agreed to aim to meet by 2024.

"We are stronger together", Stoltenberg insisted, but acknowledged that there can be differences among allies.

Mr Trump argued against Germany's commitment to the €15bn Gazprom-led project while still relying on the United States to protect the country from Russian Federation.

Trump called Germany a rich country that could increase its defense spending immediately if it wanted to. People say that President Trump is influenced by Russian Federation.

At the core of his criticism of the multilateral alliance is the argument that the US foots the bill for far too much of the alliance's defence capacity, and other member nations - including Canada - are "freeloaders" for failing to contribute their fair share of domestic military spending.

Trump also misrepresented Germany's energy picture, asserting coal and nuclear power are gone from the mix.

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"We're protecting Germany. We're protecting France". Because of that we can say that we can make our independent policies and make independent decisions. "To me, this is nearly like propaganda, it really tells you how far out we're getting here and what sort of an influence that Trump is able to exert". "We are supposed to be guarding against Russia and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions dollars a year to Russia", Mr Trump said. "And I believe our trade will increase and lots of other things will increase, but we'll see what happens over the next period of few months".

He also claimed on Wednesday that Germany is "captive to Russia" because of a gas pipeline deal between the two countries.

He said Trump must make it clear to Putin that Russian Federation must cease meddling in US and European elections, do something about the annexation of Crimea, work with the remove Syrian dictator Bashar Assad from power and put the squeeze on Iran.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, which intentionally skirts Eastern European nations like Poland and Ukraine, has caused many of Germany's allies to bristle, though Berlin has defended it by saying it would be merely one of many sources of natural gas. But at the bilateral meeting he exulted: "We have a very, very good relationship with the Chancellor".

But other countries still have several years to reach the target commitment, and for those experiencing significant economic growth, increases in defense spending may take some time to reflect change to the share of GDP. Asked if they had discussed the pipeline, he said they had, but declined to elaborate.

"But she also says that in the end we need to be engaging with Russian Federation and that's why she welcomes the president's decision to go there. And I think that leaders are also looking forward to your thoughts about the meeting with President Putin later on". "Totally controlled by Russia" is definitely not a phrase continually ringing around Trump's brain. According to the recent Commons report, Canada now provides about 6.6 per cent of NATO's common-funded budgets, making it the sixth-largest financial contributor to that budget among the member states.