Bristol distillery apologises for Novichok vodka sold as victim died


"Charlie is still very unwell and will continue to require specialist, round-the-clock care here at Salisbury District Hospital".

They had both been taken to hospital in the city of Amesbury on June 30.

The police officer leading the investigation into the latest Novichok poisoning in the United Kingdom has said he does not know if it will ever be possible to establish a definitive link between the most recent poisoning and that of Sergei and Yulia Skripal last March.

NO traces of nerve agent have been found on a bus used by Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley.

At the weekend, his girlfriend Dawn Sturgess, 44, tragically died after also being poisoned.

Police on Monday said that Sturgess and Rowley must have been exposed to a "high dose" of the nerve agent and suspect that the couple "must have handled a container that we are now seeking".

"I am hoping Charlie recovers, and when he recovers he will be able to tell us and perhaps shed some light on it which will narrow our search dramatically".

Public Health England has offered advice for people who may have visited one of five areas identified by police.

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Britain has blamed Russian Federation for the attack on the Skripals - a charge strongly denied by Moscow which has challenged British authorities to publish the evidence.

"But the brutal reality is that I can not offer you any reassurance or guarantee at this time".

"Late on Tuesday last week, we received that terrible news that two more people - Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley - had fallen ill as a result of exposure to novichok". However, he said that it was "implausible" for there to be no connection between two incidents. Clearly, this is our main line of enquiry, but our investigation must be led by the evidence available and the facts alone.

'We sincerely apologise if any offence was caused, especially to the families of Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley, and understand the timing of the release of this product may have lacked sensitivity.

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said in a statement this morning that he would need a forensic link to be definite.

They have tested and ruled out a bus on which the pair travelled on Friday night but are still examining a red Transit van in which Mr Rowley travelled on Saturday.

The company shared photographs of their "Novichok" vodka to their Facebook page on July 7, one week after Ms Sturgess and her partner were rushed to hospital after being posioned.