New Orleans family honors loved one with unusual funeral


Matthews, 18, was tragically killed in a shooting in June.

Matthews' family says he loved the Boston Celtics and playing video games.

A New Orleans family chose to remember their son in a rather unique way.

According to Matthews" mom, Temeka, her son was a "homebody' whose favorite athlete was indeed Irving.

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While some may find this rather peculiar, the sentiment reminds me of the concept of altars and shrines for the fallen in which people would place items representing the person and what they love.

Renard Matthews is set to be buried Tuesday. Matthews' corpse is propped up in a spinning chair while wearing a Celtics jersey, more specifically the No. 11 Kyrie Irving black alternate jersey.

The realistic tribute to Matthews also came with the teenager surrounded by some of his favorite snacks, including cereal, Doritos, zebra cakes, and a root beer.

There was an XBox One controller in his hand, giving way to the action on the screen; an National Basketball Association 2K showdown being autoplayed between the Golden State Warriors and his Celtics.