In full-page ad, WhatsApp urges users in India to fight fake news


According to Wabetainfo, the feature will analyse the links sent through WhatsApp and check if these redirect users to fake or potentially risky websites.

In the last month or so, officials have talked about a WhatsApp ban and ordered WhatsApp group admins to register with the government.

It has raised great concern among the cyber cell as fake news, morphed photographs and disturbing videos with fabricated local narratives can easily be circulated hiding behind the words "forwarded as received". "When WhatsApp verifies a doubtful link, the message is flagged with a red label", claims a media report. Dubbed as Suspicious Link Detection feature, it is presently said to be under testing on Android with version number 2.18.206. The red label will hint that either it is phishing or spam link or is redirecting to a false news site.

If you decide to ignore the alert and click the link anyway, WhatsApp will try to warn you again in a pop-up window. The report highlights that WhatsApp will analyse the link locally and not data will be sent to WhatsApp servers in order to detect the suspicious link.

But how exactly, this has not been shared. The app has lately come under fire for propagation and proliferation of fake news.

At the centre of many controversies for being a platform being used to spread "fake news", WhatsApp is now suggesting ways to combat this menace.

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In an advertisement, WhatsApp said technology companies, the government and community groups need to work together to fight fake news.

More than 30 people in India have been lynched after they read Whatsapp updates which later proved to be fake.

WhatsApp had also teamed up with Indian fact-checking group to fight hoax news stories.

IT Ministry has already informed Whatsapp that it is not a rocket science to stop spread of fake news and some technological solution is feasible, if they want it.

While instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have completely changed the way we communicate, it has also brought in a wide array of new generation issues.