George Clooney injured in auto accident, reports


Local daily La Nuova Sardegna said the 57-year-old Clooney had been headed to a film set on Tuesday when his motorbike was hit by a auto.

The John Paul II hospital in Olbia said the actor was released on Tuesday.

They claim that he injured his pelvis in the smash, but after being x-rayed was sent home.

In the hospital, he was joined by his wife Amal and they left the venue together in a private vehicle.

The Ocean's Eleven actor hurt his leg when a Mercedes vehicle allegedly turned without giving right of way and collided with his scooter, AGI said. AGI said part of the road was closed following the incident.

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"Catch 22" is an adaptation of Joseph Heller's classic novel and George is directing and starring in the series.

George and Amal were seen arrive in the island on a private jet at the end of June with their twins Alexander and Ella.

George Clooney was reportedly involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle in Italy.

The couple had previously been enjoying their European trip alongside George's parents Nina and Nick Clooney, as well as Amal's mother Baria Alamuddin.

Sardinia is a large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea and is over 500 miles from Clooney's villa in Lake Como.