Pompeo brushes off North Korean 'gangster' claim


North Korea calls talks with the United States "regrettable" while Secretary of State Pompeo says the discussions were productive; former US ambassador to the U.N. Bill Richardson weighs in on 'Sunday Morning Futures'.

After the historic U.S. -North Korea talks, the government also suggested it was taking a cautiously optimistic view of events.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday wrapped up a visit to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), which he said has seen some progress but the DPRK said is regrettable. And, the promised remains have yet to be delivered.

"Pompeo had met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in his two previous visits, . but not this time". "Some places a great deal of progress, other places there's still more work to be done", he said.

North Korea expressed regret on Saturday over the attitude of United States negotiators during talks to work out details on how to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula as agreed to by their leaders in their recent summit meeting.

In a statement released by an unnamed foreign ministry spokesman, Pyongyang accused the United States of betraying the spirit of last month's summit between Donald Trump and Kim by making "one-sided and robber-like" demands on "CVID" - the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation of North Korea.

"There is no difference" between the two phrases and North Korea clearly understands it, Pompeo said during a joint news conference held in Tokyo following the trilateral meeting with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts, Taro Kono and Kang Kyung-wha.

The North's spokesman said: "We expected that the US side would come with productive measures conducive to building trust in line with the spirit of the North-US summit and (we) considered providing something that would correspond to them".

'Our expectations and hopes were so naive it could be called foolish'.

Speaking Sunday to business executives in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, Pompeo emphasized how the key to Vietnam's rapid economic growth in the past few decades has been its engagement with the US, and that this could be North Korea's future too. The spokesman also downplayed the significance of the USA suspending its military exercises with South Korea, saying the North had made a larger concession by blowing up the tunnels at its nuclear test site.

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In criticizing the talks with Pompeo, however, it carefully avoided attacking Trump personally, saying "we wholly maintain our trust toward President Trump, ' but stressed that Washington must not allow 'headwinds" against the 'wills of the leaders'. Trump offered security guarantees to Pyongyang and pledged to suspend the large-scale military drills with South Korea.

Pyongyang is now emphasizing that it views the brief, 400-word agreement reached at that summit as just the very beginning of talks, not a promise to unilaterally disarm.

The trip was Pompeo's third to Pyongyang since April and his first since the summit.

Pompeo was in North Korea over the weekend meeting with officials, not Kim himself, to discuss the return of the remains of USA soldiers who were killed in the Korean War and to further press for the dismantling of a North Korean missile engine test site.

"If those requests were gangster-like, the world is a gangster, because there was a unanimous decision at the UN Security Council about what needs to be achieved", he said.

The regime's belief that the weapons are needed to deter a United States attack dates back almost 70 years to the still-unresolved Korean War, and will take more than a handshake to dispel.

According to the report from The Post, the talks did not go well-with a statement from North Korea suggesting the USA had not been willing to compromise. "It can be your miracle in North Korea as well".

"I think we made progress in every element of our discussions", he added.

"Kim can afford to play hardball because it's clear to him that Trump, who has already told Americans they can sleep soundly because the threat is now over, badly wants a deal", Russel said.