Operator renames pub the Trump Arms for president's visit


Trump and the first lady will then go on to Windsor Castle to meet the Queen.

He will only spend a single night in London on Thursday - the day he arrives in the country and attends a gala dinner at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire - staying at the USA ambassador's official residence in Regent's Park, Winfield House.

After that comes a working lunch at Chequers - the prime minister's official country residence now being used for a crucial round of Brexit discussions - for "substantive bilateral talks" covering a "range of foreign policy issues".

Trump will be in the city for meetings with Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Theresa May and protesters are planning a "stop Trump" march through central London.

Most recently, the separation of migrant children and parents at the US-Mexico border reignited calls for May to call off Trump's visit.

After an overnight stay at the US ambassador's London residence, Mr Trump on Friday will join Mrs May at an undisclosed defence site to view the UK's "cutting edge military capabilities" and integrated UK-US military training, before they head to Chequers for talks.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has had a number of social media spats with the president, on Thursday gave permission for a blimp portraying Donald Trump as an orange, snarling baby to be flown over parliament.

Trump will follow the likes of Richard Nixon, George Bush Sr and George W. Bush in visiting the prime minister at her country residence, Chequers.

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"We need to see that the relationship isn't damaged after these protests", he said.

Robbins said it was also "really noticeable that he will barely spend any time in London" - perhaps to avoid the protests. Original reports of Trump's desire to visit Scotland during his trip to the United Kingdom noted that the security costs for one day in the country totaled as much as $6 million.

Londoners will get to see two versions of Donald Trump next week: the 45th president of the USA and a 20-foot-high inflatable version that's orange and wearing a diaper.

Instead the president will be whisked off for a tour of some of England's most impressive historic buildings before departing for Scotland for a relaxing weekend, part of which is expected to be spent on the golf course.

Asked about the president's thoughts on Brexit, the process of leaving the European Union that is putting British Prime Minister Theresa May's leadership under pressure, Johnson said the United States did not favour any particular form of EU exit. Also part of this global trip is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels, a weekend in Scotland and a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Local councillors in west Oxfordshire from the opposition Labour Party also wrote in an open letter to Trump that they object to his visit to Blenheim Palace.

"Trump s visit is an important moment to recognise our close relationship", a spokeswoman for May told reporters.

Regarding the "Trump baby" balloon, the spokeswoman said it was up to the GLA to explain why they had approved it.