Google reportedly in talks to incorporate Duplex into call center industry


Google is reportedly shopping its Duplex AI system around as a tool for call centers, according to The Information, including a large insurance company.

We've already seen that Google Duplex does a fairly convincing job of being like a PA, and as such, there's no reason why for the simple stuff at least, it can be the agent too.

Google has issued a statement that says Duplex AI is completely focused on consumer uses right now and it has no enterprise deployment testing underway.

Google Duplex first wowed us back at the Google IO 2018 developer event back in May, and since then we've been able to test it out for ourselves. An anonymous source that claims to be close with Google's plans says that the company is already in talks with at least one firm that would like to use Duplex for "simple, straightforward customer service calls".

Googles Duplex demonstration was very likely one of the most buzzed about topics at this past Google I/O conference.

Google in recent weeks invited tech journalists out to restaurants on both coasts to put Duplex through the paces in that setting. Duplex is created to operate in very specific use cases, and now we're focused on testing with restaurant reservations, hair salon booking, and holiday hours with a limited set of trusted testers.

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The primary use case mentioned in today's report is call centers, specifically the booming cloud-based market where Duplex's uncanny naturalness might serve as an advantage.

This report comes during a time when the cloud-based customer call-center industry is increasingly growing one that raked in $6.8 billion a year ago with no signs of slowing down.

The robots on the other side of the customer support line could soon start to sound a lot more human.

Watch out call center employees, competition is on the way!

Meanwhile, the day appears to be coming soon when you pick up the phone to make that dreaded customer service call, only to be met not by a harried hourly worker but by a silky-voiced computer system on the other end that doesn't get ruffled, is abundantly helpful and quickly gets you whatever you need.

The Information report later adds that the insurance company slowed work on the project due to ethical concerns.