Trump Offers $1 Million to Warren


President Donald Trump on Thursday mocked the #MeToo movement as he repeatedly attacked Massachusetts Sen.

Trump then went on to accuse Warren of using her claim to her heritage to advance her political career.

"Pocahontas, they always want me to apologize for saying it", Trump said. I apologize to you.

After recalling Warren's cheekbone explanation, Kelly turned to her studio audience and said, "I'm sorry, this happened". "To the fake Pocahontas, I won't". He then said that if he was debating Warren, he would toss her a DNA test to prove whether she was Native American.

Trump suggested that during a future presidential debate with Warren he would toss a genetic testing kit to her and offer to pay $1 million to her favorite charity if she would take the test and verify her claims.

The comment prompted a backlash from Chrissy Teigen, who Teigen, a prominent critic of Mr Trump, who branded him a "dipsh*t" asking how he thinks "23 And Me" - a U.S. genetic testing kit - works.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) took to Twitter to respond to President Donald Trump mocking her claims of having a native American heritage at the campaign rally in Great Falls, Montana.

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The #MeToo movement is dedicated to exposing rampant sexual misconduct and sexual harassment across multiple industries, which has taken down multiple high-profile figures since it began.

At long last, President Trump has addressed the growing #MeToo movement, which speaks to the prevalence of sexual assault in our country. "Are our politics shrunk to that point where now we would be asked to submit to a DNA test? 'Er, let me think about that one'".

Mr Trump - who has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least 19 women - blatantly made fun of the global movement against sexual harassment during a speech to supporters in Montana, dismissing it as political correctness gone too far.

The crowd booed and yelled out 'No!' as Trump talked about apologizing.

Warren is also up for re-election this year in MA, a race that Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales rates as Solid Democratic.

In a tweet to the president, Warren wrote, "While you obsess over my genes, your administration is separating migrant children from their families".