Apple Music is reportedly bigger than Spotify in the United States now


A new report suggests that Apple may have succeeded in attracting more subscribers to Apple Music than have signed up to Spotify - in the United States, at least. "That report now ranks Apple Music as first in the USA, at least among primarily on-demand music streaming services", the Digital Music News recently reported. Spotify has an additional 90M users on the free tier, while Apple is estimated to have 5-10M trial subscribers. Spotify falls into the same bracket, but has now dropped into second place when it comes to popularity. Many believed that it was just a matter of time before Apple Music grabs the top spot in the music streaming service. Apple Music, on the other hand, has only been around for three years.

Despite launching almost four years later, Apple Music's subscriber count has reportedly surpassed that of Spotify.

Their Apple Music streaming service, in particular, has skyrocketed over the past few months. Spotify still owns a large worldwide lead with 70 million paid subscribers globally and - when you factor in all Spotify's free, ad-supported accounts - 160 million overall users.

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According to a new report ousted by Digital Music news, Apple Music has freshly overtaken Spotify in the US.

For years, Spotify has been the number one service for paid subscribers who choose to listen to music that they pick themselves.

It's not entirely clear why Apple is beating Spotify in the U.S. - it could be mere brand loyalty - but it will be interesting to see how this corporate rivalry progresses in the coming months.