Trump will focus on Russia's 'malign' activity at summits


The subject came up on Outnumbered today, when the panel talked about how Trump not only wants to meet with Putin one-on-one, and the indications that no Democrats were invited to the meeting in Finland. "I wouldn't underplay at all the importance of actually sitting down for the first time in a meeting, summit environment".

Trump told reporters last week he would press Putin on election meddling and also discuss Syria and Ukraine during their meeting.

"The president believes a better relationship with Russia would be good for both America and Russia, but the ball really is in Russia's court and the president will continue to hold Russia accountable for its malign activity", Huntsman said on a conference call.

Huntsman said the president will bring up an array of malign activity in which Russian Federation has been engaged, including meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

"It's right at the top of Russia's playbook".

Analytical centre Heritage Foundation, which is called close to the US Administration, has prepared a special memo to President Donald Trump regarding America's position on NATO, Ukraine and Russian Federation.

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"The president's priority is to protect the American people and American interests, including those of our allies and partners", he said.

Trump's trip will begin Tuesday in Brussels, where he'll participate in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit, before traveling to the United Kingdom for a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Separately, U.S. Representative to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison told reporters Thursday that the alliance is moving forward together, and "everyone has the same goal, and that is a strong deterrent and an alliance that is unified" against threats like Russian Federation and China.

Mrs. Hutchison and Mr. Huntsman briefed reports on the president's upcoming trip to Europe, which will also include a visit to the United Kingdom. "You can't solve problems if you're not talking about them".

"The president [Trump] hopes the meeting will help reduce tensions and meet the constructive engagement that approves peace and security of our world", Huntsman said.